A New Cleaning Schedule

February 12, 2017

After a chaotic winter period it was clear to me, that in order to get my shit together, I needed to start with the house. De cluttering is one thing, but you still have to stay on top of the house at the same time. I know that in previous attempts of decluttering I have spent hours sitting on the floor of a room surrounded by shit I own. Piling, asking if it's joyful, black bagging, cramming stuff into drawers etc. Then a few hours later I'll emerge tired and frustrated, only to be faced by a house that has been Kid-ed while my back was turned. So before the decluttering can begin this time round, I wanted to establish a new Cleaning Schedule. This is how I did it. 


I started by considering 2 things. What result would bring me the most happiness daily, and how much time I had available to do it. 


In order for me to feel content with daily chores I want the living room to be tidy, the hall to be clear of stuff (washing piles and toys), the kitchen to be clean and to be able to see the carpet in the kids room come bedtime. I also want the house to smell good! Plus 1 load of washing.