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Lo Loves Big Meet Memories

November 1, 2016

Hello Beautiful 


Ive been living in a crazy world the past few months. Some incredible highs and incredible lows. Life is indeed a roller coaster. Im not sure which one my life would compare to. Probably Oblivion... something which is dated and chucks you over the edge into a black hole while people stand by and cheer lol. I think I need a new roller coaster! I dream for The Bubble Works but I hear I've literally missed the boat on that one. 


UKPA life is sweet as ever, providing those all time highs I have needed this year. The Big Meet from my point of view is something I haven't shared fully, so I'll try my best! 



Friday morning I dropped the kids to school and came home to pack my bag and the car. The car was full to the brim with boxes and bags of the things we had collected over the months. The boot resembled a Jenga tower - I was quite impressed with how well it all fit in! The journey was amazing. Seriously. A 2 hour drive any other day would be boring, but I was so excited that my butterflies had butterflies. Radio on loud (until I hit the midlands and apparently they don't have a radio station that does anything other than the top 10 from the 60s and radio soaps) big smiles all the way there. 


I got a little lost picking up Sheree (affectionately known as Ree) from the airport. Getting lost was going to turn into a theme for my weekend. It turns out Birmingham isn't too Essex-girl friendly. We headed to find The Bullring. A funny part of the weekend. I told Ree about where I had parked when I visited earlier this year with Lola. I said 'you drive in, go all the way to the top. park there. easy'. We followed signs to The Bullring car park, drove in and round looking for the UP ramps. Drove up the first one we saw and ended up back out on the road. Oops. See not Essex-girl friendly. We drove back in and parked up, realising that my navigation skills weren't going to get us to where I wanted to be. 


Our first success of the day (other than managing to find our way back in to the car park) was hunting down the Kikki K concession in Selfridges, and saying Hi to the founder herself, Kristina Karlsson. What a lady! Isn't she just perfect? One day I hope people drive for 2 hours to hunt me down in a shopping centre. (That sounded a lot creepier than it did in my head) It really is a pleasure to speak with her. She’s an inspiration to me. The brand she has built from her love of organisation and stationery. Something (as we all know) can be scoffed at. Dreams really can come true.


Ree and me didn’t spend too much time in The Bullring, but we did manage to buy deodorant and knickers. It seems packing in a rush isn’t always the best idea! Typical me really. We headed to the venue to meet Daisy, Jack, Bernadette and Mr Bernadette to set out the tables. We knew this was a tough task, since our tickets sold out so fast, it actually sold more than we had! So we were faced with the dilemma... make it work or move venue. Honestly, we tried both but in the end it made sense to just suck it up, and make it work. We laid out all the tables and chairs together, like that famous scene from Friends PIVOT PIVOT with a dash of Chuckle Brothers TO ME, TO YOU. Until we couldn’t move them anymore and they looked vaguely even. Then it was off to the hotel.


We’d been informed the day before that there wasn’t anywhere to park right next to the hotel and that parking attendants wouldn’t be watching up unload in the bay at the side. We reserved a trolley in advance to help us with our haul. The trolley was actually like a big washing basket on wheels. It was pretty funny unloading 2 cars full of what felt like hundreds of boxes, into this wheelie washing basket and up in the lift. I’m not sure what the hotel staff thought of us. If only they’d know the boxes were full of paper, pens and stickers. I would have loved to see their faces.

The next few hours were spent filling 110 crown printed cotton bags with an almighty haul. Bev turned up to join us for this task! Every donation had our eyes twinkling. The team hadn’t seen the bag all together until this moment. Watching them fill up was so satisfying.

We took a break to go for food. Gourmet Burger Kitchen