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6 Months To Change My Life

March 14, 2016

A new challenge! New focus.


Why? Because I'm worth it !! And so are you!


Do you ever find yourself going round in circles? You complete your daily tasks and all is well with the world. But theres those things you want and dream about, and they're not getting any closer. Day by day, its the same cycle of work/clean/work/parent/dream/cry into your  triple venti half-sweet non-fat caramel macchiato because you'd rather be in Paris.

I want to add some FOCUS!


Because dreams don't come true unless you work for them! 


The only way to change our lives is to put some real effort into it. Your life changing goal might not be something big like 'buy a house'. It could be something like getting on top of your finances, losing weight, getting your house in order. Whatever it is, this is about dedicating 6 months of your life to you! 



6 months sounds like quite the commitment, but if you break it down into things you can do everyday. Little things. Then all of these steps will eventually lead you closer to your prize. 


Where do you begin?


I started by establishing my goals. Some of you will know what your goals are, but others might not. I was 50/50 so used this exercise to help find some. 


Close your eyes. Picture yourself in 6 months time. Happy. Why are you happy? Where are you? at home? is it decorated differently? maybe its a new home?! at work? new job? are you healthier? stronger? more confident? wearing a colour you love and weren't brave enough to wear?are you relaxed because you have all your bills paid... your washing box is empty... your floors are all clean. whatever it is in that vision. thats our goal!


Heres my list of goals. My vision for 6 months time. 


My Breakdown – what I need to do to achieve those goals.



What I can do on day 1.