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Guest Post: Marie-Clare

March 7, 2016





Hello! I’m Marie-Clare 


I’m one of those people who are part of “that” cult-like group of paper fiends and stationery junkies, UKPA.


You might have seen me, or my boobs, around. I am a single mummy to a beautiful 2 year old boy, and I am also a secondary school teacher. I work far too close to Paperchase for my bank manager’s liking, and there’s a Works and John Lewis on the way, so I’m regularly skint. I decided that my pocket money needed topping up, so in the middle of February I decided to make my crafty hobbies a business. I’m Lo’s official “crafty shit dealer”, making, among other things, the Slimmer of the Month water bottles for UKPA Get Fit.


As a result, I have quite a lot to juggle, but I try to use my planners to keep me on track. A day in the life of my planning routines usually goes like this:


Mummy Planner


My little one wakes me at around 7am daily, which is just enough time to get him ready for nursery or childcare, and passed on to my dad, who helps me out by dropping him off. Then, I get myself in order – I use my Meal Planner (Regular Sized Lyradori in the feather design, Dokidori week-to-view inserts) to plan either a lunch to take to work, so I grab that from the fridge, or I make a quick list of what I need to buy that evening on my way home. I usually have time to grab a shower and dry my hair, or style it from the night before, and I give myself a big ol’ star in my Wellness Planner (Happy Planner, gold dot edition).