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Lo Loves Staples... or does she?

February 26, 2016


Hello Beautifuls


I started my £10 Pocket Money Challenge today. Unplanned. Just because I found myself in a store that sold stationery. Here's how it went! 


Today I decided to drop in to my local Staples store as I was in search of sticker paper and much too impatient to buy online. I must admit, I'll probably just buy it online next time though. They didnt stock everything that was on their website and the packs they did have started at £17.99. I'm not a sticker maker. I didnt need anything fancy and it made me do one of those pouty 'I want it but I don't want to pay that' faces. Also they charge you over £3 to have it delivered to the store. And seeing as it costs me in petrol to get there, it just didnt add up. I bought the damn paper and cursed myself for not just buying the stuff I'd seen online in the first place and waited a bit longer. 


My local store is a fair size. I actually really enjoy going there. It's always empty, which is such a massive tick for someone who has periods of social anxiety. Theres usually a member of staff at the counter when you walk in, who will welcome you with a smile, 'hi' and an offer to help if you need it. I asked where the sticker paper was located and the young shop assistant pointed me in the direction of 'aisle 2, on the right'. Perfect.


I wandered in the vague direction, past printers and other electronics. I wasnt really paying attention as I didnt need any of it. I thought this trip would be a short in and out job. It's one of those places that you go to when you know exactly what you need. It's a mans shop. Very practical. It's all there right infront of you. 'This is what you need, take it and leave'. lol. Its like when you walk into a batchelor pad. Maybe staples needs a few scatter cushions and some fresh flowers. 


Anyway, I stood staring at the sticker paper for abit. Lets face it, I have no idea what I'm looking at. Maybe a part of me was hoping that the longer I stared at it, the more likely I was to find the one I had seen on the website for £12. A guy came over who worked there and asked if I needed any help. I had obviously been there a while and was looking abit lost. I subjected him to a little ramble about not finding what I wanted. He smiled and nodded and helped me reluctantly decide on the £18 ish stuff anyway.


I decided to see what else staples had to offer. Time to put my pocket money to the test. 


I didn't wander too far. I found the Filofax section, which was neatly set out as usual. I remember buying my first Filofax in this very store. I don't need one right now though and I didnt see anything that really caught my eye. The Leather Look Notebooks looked cool, but not needed right now. I browsed the pens, gave all the pink ones a test squiggle and settled on a Pink