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Day in the Life of Sheree

February 26, 2016

WARNING WARNING!!!!!! Do not operate heavy machinery when reading about a day in my life……


Today is Tuesday, now this Tuesday is slightly different from a normal Tuesday (don’t get your hopes up, that was as exciting as it gets)  A typical day starts around half 6 in the morning for us, our little girl is an early riser my partner once he’s showered and dressed goes and gets her out her room, where from the hallway I can hear the usually chatter and then “Mummy, Mummy, Muuuuuuummmmmmmmmy” an adorable little almost 2 year old rushes into our room, jumps on the bed and rushes to get under the covers with Panda (her cuddly toy) in tow and a have cheeky cuddle with Mummy.  We then head downstairs for some breakfast.  Amelia, our little girl, loves a cup of tea.  Started with stealing the little bit I always leave at the end of the cup, now she likes her own tea in her own mug (don’t worry, it’s a cool tea no boiling water for that little lady)


Once we are feed, waved Daddy off to work, cleaned and dressed we head out to her Creative Stars class for 9.30 am.  This little class is fab, and is very lively (noisy) for 9.30 in the morning.  We spend half an hour, “singing” nursery rhymes, with loads of arm actions, puppets and marching around with the musical instruments.  Not a class for the faint hearted, you’re up taking part and trying to remember the nursery rhymes from years past keeps the old brain mentally fit.  Also another good point for mums is as it’s based right beside a fantastic wee coffee shop where the pancakes are great (I’ll never lose weight because of this class – that’s the stand I am taking and sticking to it)


After our creative stars class, we head back to the house, where I then clean up the mess from breakfast and wipe down the kitchen (ooooohhhh cleaning – exciting stuff!!)  I usually squeeze in some cleaning, with Amelia following behind me helping.  She is my shadow and likes to help me with everything, on occasion can be a hindrance, especially when it comes to doing the dishes (more a game to see how much water we can get outside of the sink)


Once we have had lunch, it’s time to then get ready to head to the Twinkletoes class.  I love this little class, as a girl who never done any dance classes when younger (I swan competitively which literally left no time for anything else) this is just amazing.  The classes will lead into Highland Dancing, but only if Amelia wants too, we would never force her into anything but she does love music and dancing around. 


Amelia is the youngest in the class by a good year, so is a little shy when the class is being more mobile, that’s when I get to really take part.  Hand in Hand with my little girl, we both attempt what is being asked.  I just only hope she doesn’t copy me as I am terrible, and she has nothing to worry about not being the bottom of the class as I have that role filled.  Another fun filled half hour that passes so quickly.