Day in the Life of Sheree

February 26, 2016

WARNING WARNING!!!!!! Do not operate heavy machinery when reading about a day in my life……


Today is Tuesday, now this Tuesday is slightly different from a normal Tuesday (don’t get your hopes up, that was as exciting as it gets)  A typical day starts around half 6 in the morning for us, our little girl is an early riser my partner once he’s showered and dressed goes and gets her out her room, where from the hallway I can hear the usually chatter and then “Mummy, Mummy, Muuuuuuummmmmmmmmy” an adorable little almost 2 year old rushes into our room, jumps on the bed and rushes to get under the covers with Panda (her cuddly toy) in tow and a have cheeky cuddle with Mummy.  We then head downstairs for some breakfast.  Amelia, our little girl, loves a cup of tea.  Started with stealing the little bit I always leave at the end of the cup, now she likes her own tea in her own mug (don’t worry, it’s a cool tea no boiling water for that little lady)