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Lo Loves Buying All The Things!

February 17, 2016

I do, I do, I do oooohh.


I think its part of being a Planner Addict. A new one at least. You spend the first year buying ALL THE THINGS! Until you find your flow and then it settles down. Well for some of us it settles down haha. 




I've actually been really good the last year! I havent bought many planners. (yes I said *many*, if I said any it would be total lie lol). And I havent been raiding Ebay like its a bargain bin at Paperchase. Seriously I've been a good girl. 


But I miss buying all the things. I want a treat every so often. I deserve a treat every so often! Its hard being a planner mum of 1500 and an at home mum of 3. 


So. This is what I am going to do. 


I'm gunna give myself a pocket money challenge. 


£10 - thats it. I'm living on a budget at the moment and I fancy a challenge. 


With my pocket money I'm gunna go and visit some local (and not so local) shops which us planner addicts love so much. 


I will rate my shopping experience here. What the shop was like, the staff, the products, did it leave me wanting to spend a tonne more money? What treats could I find with in my tight budget. The whole lot is gunna get the Lo Once Over and I'll decide if Lo really does Love It after all. 




Which stores have I got my eye on?



Kikki K




And maybe even some of the stationery sections in the bigger stores like


The Range

Home Sense

TK Maxx





Let the challenge commence