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Tuesday with Bev

February 15, 2016

On Wednesdays we wear Pink, but on Tuesdays we rise early! Our resident little dude Chester has just turned 3 and has made the leap from nursery to preschool. So on a Tuesday and a Thursday we aim to get up at 6:30am to take him in for a 7am start.  In reality he arrives at just gone 7:30am and ready to have breakfast with his friends.


My husband works shifts as a communications manager and we have fallen into a nice little routine of who takes Chester in and on what days. Its generally Wayne that takes him in (if he is off shift) as he dresses quickly and doesn’t have to faff with makeup.


So Wayne took Chester in and I had to wake up Poppy (also known as P)

P and I had a lovely breakfast together and she got dressed ready for school. Wayne returned and I made our morning coffee. I have to have at least two coffees before I’m ready for the day.


My sister in law is an Emma Bridgewater collector and one of my favourite things about visiting her, is that she always serves me tea in an EB teapot and cup.


The cup I love to have my coffee in was a gift from her for my birthday one year. Wayne has his own mug collection and the batman is a favourite of his.


Tuesdays are also chore days in our house. With the two little ones out for most of the day (well Chester is until 1pm) it’s a chance for us to go shopping without the worry that we are going to have spend money on toys or chocolates (bribes) So Tuesday is our day of choice to do the food shop.


We have been Asda shoppers for the past 2 and a half years or so, for convenience more than anything else. Its closer, they have free trolleys and I know the layout of the store. But recently we have decided to switch to another supermarket to help save pennies for our trip back to see the mouse next year (Wayne has decided that for his big birthday next year he wants to spend it hanging out with Mickey and Co in Florida eeekkk!!) SO an Edwards economy drive was implemented and we switched to Aldi. 


Since the 5p carrier bag charge was implemented I sometimes forget to take my own (this then results in me buying more and having a utility room full of bags for life). However today I was feeling particularly organised and I remembered them.  I didn’t however remember my trolley pound and had to call upon the husband to spring for the trolley.


So we did our shop and I was really impressed with the total. I’d managed to do a whole weeks food shop for the 4 of us for around £30.  We would still need to do some top up shops for the bread and milk etc, but the meals were quite literally in the bag.


Once home, I unpacked the shopping and put it all away.  The next job on the list was the ironing.  I don’t iron as often as I should, but today I was on a roll! So I grabbed the ironing bags (I had too much for the basket) and set the ironing board up in the lounge (its where the big telly is)