Lo Loves Believing In You

December 21, 2015

Dear broken hearted girl,


I know you are hurting. This is gunna make you so strong. I promise. It's gunna give you such a strength to know you can survive. It's gunna teach you your worth.


You're feeling ugly, inside and out... right?


That's how I felt. Thats how I was treated. You're free from that now. Being tied into that relationship may have made you feel like a mess... but coming OUT of one makes you feel shit! 


You're not worthy

No one will want you

You're so ugly

You've got kids


Used goods


That's what you were told.Thats what I was told. 


One day, hopefully today. You're gunna see your worth. now you're not tied to all that crap. all them lies. You are gunna see things differently, hear things differently. The truth. Not HIS truth.


He doesn't have time to dwell. They move on. It's occupying them. They look fine right? They're not. Don't take them on face value. New women are just there to take his mind off the situation. I feel sorry for them personally. 9 times out of 10 they won't be the next wife. The first one, is not usually THE ONE. They're just feeding their ego's to heal their wounds.