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December 7, 2015

Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall?

It's the time that every Santa has a ball!

Does he ride a red nosed reinderr?

Does he turn up in his sleigh?

Do the fairies keep him sober for a day?


So here it is,



It's the most wonderful time of the year! I have every single Christmas song ever written playing in my house and car. I have as many films as I could fit into my basket at Tesco ready and waiting next to the DVD player. I love this season. I love all of it! From the shopping, to the food and fun. 


So what makes a good Christmas in our house?




My sons birthday is November 29th and our little tradition is to put the tree up in the evening on his birthday. This year we we're crazy busy so didn't manage it til the next day. But we did get them all down from their hiding place in the loft. We haver been through a variety of colour schemes for our decs over the years. 2 years ago I decided that I would just buy gold ones. I managed to get 2 boxes of 100 mini glass baubles in a mix of mettalic shades, and then I have added lots of pretty hanging decorations... hearts, shoes, sparkly bows and flowers. Every year I buy a really nice large glass bauble which I lable with the year it was bought. I also added mini ornate photo frames last year, with some photos from last Christmas. This year I bought a bunch more and have decided to fill them with the kids Santa visit photographs, adding new ones each year. 


I don't have a lot of decorations. Just the tree, a garland accross the mantle and some decorative mini trees. I don't have a regular wreath - I have Santas key and a 'Merry Christmas' sign on the door. I dream of the day where I have several garlands inside and out. I'd love a stair case with them running top to bottom. A massive lit wreath on the front door and garlands too. One day.