Lo Loves Living A Positive Life

October 6, 2015

Hello Beautiful!


I've been away a while. I knew I'd struggle to keep up with blog posts, I get so consumed in life that my 'me time' passes me by and I don't even realise quite how long it has been.


This evening I had the pleasure of Skyping some members of UK Planner Addicts and discussing something very close to my heart. Living a positive life!


I strongly believe that living a more positive life can help us through some of our darkest days. So I wanted to pass on a few pointers to help you find that positive light.


1. Learn to praise your best qualities.


We can all be our biggest enemy, pointing out things we don't like about ourselves. Try focusing on the things you DO like! In our skype chat we all stated what we loved about ourselves. We are brave, personable, confident, patient and kind. Praise those beautiful qualities!


2. Appreciate what you have.


It's so easy to spend too much time thinking a