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Lo Loves Planners: where to start

August 2, 2015

Hello Beautiful!


Many of you will know me because of our shared love of planners. Some of you may even remember where it all began. 


I found planning one evening while googling away at various ways to improve my life. Seriously. Google  and I get a little deep sometimes. I was in a place in life where things were getting on top of me. I craved normality and some relief. Everything felt like a mess, from my sock drawer, to my bank statements and god knows my brain did too. My first thought was that I would sort my house out. Tidy house, tidy mind: so they say. I found a great blog online. A Bowl Full Of Lemons. And so the love affair began. 


ABFOL is jam packed full of great house keeping tips. Creating a home binder was one thing that I was drawn to, and I needed! Sorting out routines and methods to keep on top of stuff. Finally coming up with a plan, actual ways to get out of those holes I felt I was in. When you've got a plan in place, all of a sudden you start seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly things started to feel better. When I found ABFOL, they had a group on Facebook dedicated to the use and set up of planners. It was mainly ladies based in the US and the UK ladies became a little frustrated that we couldn't get our hands on all the American planner related goods. UK Planner Addicts was born. 


There I was, seeing for the first time this huge amount of ladies who owned planners. Filofax, Erin Condren, Day Timer etc. So much to choose from. So many ways to personalise them. So many pretties. A bit like when you walk past your favourite store, my eyes were all wide and absorbing everything I could like 'ooooohhhhh, ahhhhh, so pretty. Gunna need me one of those, and those. yup that too.'. So what do you do? Where do you start? I started by watching and learning as much as I could. YOUTUBE! If you haven't searched the word Planner on Youtube you are seriously missing out! The same goes for Instagram and Pinterest, and no doubt many other social networks! There's so much inspiration out there. Go find it! Enjoy it! 


The next question for me was, what do I buy? I felt like a kid again. Remember before school returned for a new term in September? My mum used to take us to Staples. Those scented pens! A cool pencil case. Gel pens in every colour. A pretty file. Maybe a little gasp and squeal thrown in. I LOVED STATIONERY! I still do. I asked the members of UK Planner Addicts what their essential planner related items are.


Here's our Pla