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Lo Loves An Introduction

July 26, 2015

Hello Beautiful


Welcome back! I’ve had such a positive response! I’m blessed to have a great network of friends online who will support me, whatever the venture.


THANK YOU! Yes you.


I’ve made it to post 2! Haha.  And I’m so happy you’re here with me. So let me introduce myself to you. I’m known as Lo Lah. I’m 28 years old and from a little place just on the outskirts of London – famous for its reality show stars, Marbella-esque lifestyle, and if you like your history, Charles Dickens once called it ‘the greatest place in the world’. I Agree!



 I’m a single lady (insert Beyonce ring pose here) and more importantly a single mum. I have 3 children HJ age 8, EM age 6 and LL age 4. EM&LL are more than a handful. EM has recently been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and is waiting on a diagnosis for ADHD. LL copies/responds to her sister’s behaviour, which can be a struggle. HJ stays out of the way, bless him. The older 2 were from a relationship, which ended very badly. Refuge, court, PTSD etc. Domestic Abuse is a subject very close to my heart. If you need to reach out, please do. I’m here for you. LL was a surprise baby. I saw her face (that was the first I knew I was pregnant!) at 23 weeks pregnant. While having a preoperative muscle scan. That was a fun day!


I also admin a group on Facebook called UK Planner Addicts. It’s a secret part of Facebook where I hide all the best people and keep them all to myself! Haha. Ok I do share but you’ll have to find us first! It’s dedicated to all things planner related. It doesn’t matter which one you use, from Filofax to Erin Condren right down to those handcrafted specials made with blood sweat and tears. We love them all! We like to see how they function, how they’re set up and how they help you live a more organised life. Be sure to see a whole lot of planner goodness right here.


I decided to start this blog for a whole bunch of reasons. Over the years I have found myself taking people under my wing. Mainly because I have seen myself in them, back when I was in that abusive relationship or shortly after when I was battling with depression. I remember it being such a hard road on my own and I wish I had a little guidance. I’ve grown close to so many beautiful people and helped them realise that they are worthy, strong and able. I love it. So I started to think that maybe I could share my journey with a wider audience. It took me ages to find coping mechanisms and ways to drag myself out of that dark place. If I can make 1 person’s day a little brighter then I’m happy.


 Another reason for me being here is to keep myself accountable. I’ve already told you that I love to plan. I really do! But I do find it hard to see some of those plans through to the end sometimes. Hopefully by sharing them with you, you can keep me accountable and give me a nudge if I’m slacking! When it comes to life I’m a down to earth, realistic person and will always give you my honest opinion. So whatever topic I happen to decide on that day, it might not be all rainbows and unicorns. It’ll just be my life, as it happens.


So what are you likely to see from me. Planners. Life. My lack of love haha. Living a positive life. Parenting, the journey with EM’s sensory disorder and possible ADHD. Trying to keep my own identity as a 20 something (pushing 30!). My mission to organise my house, create a home and finally feel like an accomplished adult haha (That might take a while!).


Feedback is always welcome! Comment. Find me on Instagram @UKPALo or on Twitter @UKPALoLoves you can find the little linky symbols at the bottom of the page!


Lo x